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___________________ moved that SB 80 be amended as follows:

    On page 1, line 10, of the printed bill, after "." insert "Any drone operating under the authority of the Armed Forces of the United States, including the National Guard, is exempt from this Act.

    The restrictions of sections 4 to 6, inclusive, do not apply to a drone operator operating a drone for commercial purposes pursuant to and in compliance with federal aviation administration regulations, authorizations, and exemptions.".

    On page 1, delete lines 11 to 14, inclusive.

    On page 2, delete lines 1 to 3, inclusive.

    On page 3, line 6, delete "Any" and insert "Except for authorized law enforcement or any military purposes, including the lawful manufacture, repair, or refurbishment as of a legitimate contract with authorized law enforcement or military, any".

    On page 3, line 7, delete everything before "or otherwise" and insert "of firing a bullet or projectile".

    On page 3, delete lines 9 to 16, inclusive.