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Rule 12:68:18:03.01 Specifically prohibited nondomestic mammals.

          12:68:18:03.01.  Specifically prohibited nondomestic mammals. The board may issue only a temporary permit or a zoo permit for possession of the following nondomestic mammals or any of their hybrids. Possession of these mammals is otherwise specifically prohibited:

          (1)  Of the family Suidae, all nondomestic members; and

          (2)  Of the family Canidae, genus Nyctereutes, species procyonoides (raccoon dog).

          A person possessing before December 31, 1993, a nondomestic mammal listed in this section may not translocate, purchase additions, or market the mammal within South Dakota. A person possessing such a mammal must quarantine the mammal and must obtain a grandfather permit until the mammal is disposed of.

          Source: 20 SDR 96, effective December 31, 1993.

          General Authority: SDCL 40-3-14, 40-3-25, 40-3-26, 40-5-8.6.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 40-3-24 to 40-3-26, 40-5-8.

          Cross-Reference: Types of permits -- Fees, ยง 12:68:18:03.03.

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