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67:16:01            General provisions.

67:16:02            Physician and other health services.

67:16:03            Hospital services.

67:16:04            Nursing facility rate setting.

67:16:05            Home health services.

67:16:06            Dental services.

67:16:07            Podiatric services.

67:16:08            Optometric and optical services.

67:16:09            Chiropractic services.

67:16:10            Rehabilitation hospital services, Repealed.

67:16:11                   Early and periodic screening.

67:16:12            Family planning services.

67:16:13            Community mental health center services.

67:16:14            Prescription drugs.

67:16:15            Long-term care supplements, Repealed.

67:16:16            Facilities for the mentally impaired.

67:16:17            Application for long-term care, Transferred.

67:16:18            Long-term care eligibility, Transferred.

67:16:19            Long-term care income requirements, Transferred.

67:16:20            Long-term care resource requirements, Transferred.

67:16:21            Budgeting for long-term care, Transferred.

67:16:22            Long-term care notice requirements, Transferred.

67:16:23            Chronic renal disease program, Transferred.

67:16:24            Personal care services.

67:16:25            Transportation services.

67:16:26            Third-party liability.

67:16:27            Home and community-based services, Transferred.

67:16:28            Ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs).

67:16:29            Medical equipment.

67:16:30            Qualified Medicare beneficiaries, Transferred.

67:16:31            Organ transplants.

67:16:32            Community spouses, Transferred.

67:16:33            Provider requirements.

67:16:34            Records.

67:16:35            Claims.

67:16:36            Hospice services.

67:16:37            School districts.

67:16:38            Case management -- Severely and persistently mentally ill.

67:16:39            Case management -- Primary care provider.

67:16:40            Care management -- Rehabilitation, psychiatric, neonatal.

67:16:41            Mental health services by independent practitioners.

67:16:42            Nutritional therapy and nutritional supplements.

67:16:43            Care management -- Medically complex children.

67:16:44            Federally qualified health centers and rural health clinics.

67:16:45            Reserved.

67:16:46            Diabetes education program.

67:16:47            Residential treatment for children.

67:16:48            Treatment for substance use disorders.

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