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67:42:01            Provisions and scope of services.

67:42:02            Adult foster care, Repealed.

67:42:03            Family day care homes.

67:42:04            Group family day care homes, Repealed.

67:42:05            Family foster homes.

67:42:06            Basic group living centers for minors.

67:42:07            Group care centers for minors.

67:42:08            Residential treatment centers.

67:42:09            Child placement agencies.

67:42:10            Licensed day care programs.

67:42:11                   Environmental health standards.

67:42:12            Maternity homes, Repealed.

67:42:13            Independent living preparation.

67:42:14            Before and after school care.

67:42:15            Intensive residential treatment centers.

67:42:16            Scope of services for child care programs.

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