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3-23-10 Authorities, boards, and commissions subject to chapter.
     3-23-10.   Authorities, boards, and commissions subject to chapter. The following authorities, boards, or commissions are subject to this chapter:
             (1)      South Dakota Building Authority;
             (2)      Board of Economic Development;
             (3)      South Dakota Housing Development Authority;
             (4)      South Dakota Health and Education Facilities Authority;
             (5)      Science and Technology Authority Board of Directors;
             (6)      South Dakota Ellsworth Development Authority;
             (7)      South Dakota Commission on Gaming;
             (8)      South Dakota Lottery Commission;
             (9)      State Brand Board;
             (10)      Game, Fish and Parks Commission;
             (11)      Banking Commission;
             (12)      Board of Trustees of the South Dakota Retirement System;
             (13)      Aeronautics Commission;
             (14)      South Dakota State Railroad Board;
             (15)      Transportation Commission;
             (16)      South Dakota Board of Education Standards;
             (17)      Board of Regents;
             (18)      Board of Pardons and Paroles;
             (19)      Board of Minerals and Environment;
             (20)      Board of Water and Natural Resources;
             (21)      South Dakota Railroad Authority;
             (22)      Board of Water Management; and
             (23)      Board of Technical Education.

Source: SL 2016, ch 33, § 10; SL 2017, ch 81, §§ 57, 59.

Chapter 3-23

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