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01.     Notices And Representation Of Parties In Circuit Court [Repealed]
02.     Trials In Circuit Court [Repealed]
03.     Judgments, Orders And Decrees Of Circuit Court [Repealed]
04.     Bonds Of Executors, Administrators, Guardians And Trustees [Repealed]
05.     Jurisdiction And Venue Of Decedents' Estates [Repealed]
05A.     Elective Share Of Surviving Spouse [Repealed]
06.     Probate Of Wills [Repealed]
07.     Revocation Of Probate [Repealed]
08.     Letters Testamentary Or With Will Annexed [Repealed]
09.     Letters Of Administration In Intestacy [Repealed]
10.     Special Administration Of Decedents' Estates [Repealed]
11.     Summary Administration Of Small Estates [Repealed]
11A.     Payment And Delivery Of Small Personal Estates [Repealed]
12.     Ancillary Administration Of Nonresident Decedents' Estates [Repealed]
13.     Qualification And Bonds Of Executors And Administrators [Repealed]
14.     Resignation, Removal And Replacement Of Executors And Administrators [Repealed]
15.     Actions By And Against Executors And Administrators [Repealed]
16.     Inventory And Appraisement Of Decedents' Estates [Repealed]
17.     Collection Of Assets Of Decedents' Estates [Repealed]
18.     Management Of Decedents' Estates [Repealed]
18A.     Independent Administration Of Decedents' Estates [Repealed]
19.     Conveyance Of Real Property By Executors And Administrators [Repealed]
20.     Homestead And Family Allowances [Repealed]
21.     Claims Against Decedents' Estates [Repealed]
21A.     Joint Owners' Liability For Decedents' Debts [Transferred]
22.     Sale Of Property Of Decedents' Estates [Repealed]
23.     Distribution Of Decedents' Estates [Repealed And Transferred]
24.     Partition Of Decedents' Estates [Repealed]
25.     Accounting And Settlement By Executors And Administrators [Repealed]
26.     Jurisdiction And Venue Of Guardianships [Repealed]
27.     Appointment, Qualification, Bonds And Removal Of Guardians [Repealed]
28.     Custody, Care And Maintenance Of Wards [Repealed]
29.     Management Of Guardianship Estates [Repealed]
30.     Guardianships For Nonresidents [Repealed]
31.     Termination Of Guardianships [Repealed]
32.     Accounting And Settlement By Guardians [Repealed]
33.     Veterans' Guardianships
34.     Conservatorships Of Absentees' Estates [Repealed]
35.     Appeals From District County Court [Repealed]
36.     South Dakota Guardianship And Conservatorship Act [Transferred]

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