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24-14-1      Delegation of authority by Governor.
24-14-2      Forms of clemency.
24-14-3      Notice to prosecuting attorney, sentencing judge, attorney general, and law enforcement of hearing for clemency.
24-14-4      Publication of notice of application for clemency.
24-14-4.1      Repealed.
24-14-5      Submission to board of applications for clemency--Governor not bound by board recommendations.
24-14-6      Appearance before board to object to recommendation for clemency.
24-14-7      Recommendation for clemency to be in writing--Record of findings and reasons.
24-14-8      Application for exceptional pardon--Persons eligible.
24-14-9      Notice requirements on application for exceptional pardon--Reference by Governor.
24-14-10      Recommendations for exceptional pardon.
24-14-11      Effects of pardon--Disabilities removed--Records sealed--Filing of document making pardon public--Failure to acknowledge proceedings not perjury--Prior conviction for habitual offender law.
24-14-12      Application of § 22-14-15 to person granted pardon by Governor.

Title 24
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