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24-14-4 Publication of notice of application for clemency.
     24-14-4.   Publication of notice of application for clemency. Any applicant shall, upon notice of hearing from the board for clemency consideration, publish once each week for three consecutive weeks in one of the official newspapers designated by the county where the offense was committed, the name of the person on whose behalf the application is made, the public offense for which the person was convicted, the time of the person's conviction, and the term of imprisonment. The last publication shall be published at least twenty days before the hearing. The affidavit of the publisher of the paper showing that notice has been published shall accompany the application. This notice requirement does not apply to an applicant requesting an exceptional pardon.

Source: SDC 1939, § 13.5105; SL 1964, ch 33, § 2; SDCL, § 23-59-6; SL 1978, ch 186, § 37; SL 1988, ch 200, § 2; SL 2003, ch 140, § 2; SL 2005, ch 132, § 6.

Chapter 24-14

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